A Review Of Cartrack’s Product Offerings and How They Assist Insurance Companies 

Cartrack is one of South Africa’s pioneering companies in the recovery of stolen vehicles and is currently at the forefront of the stolen vehicle recovery industry. Their detailed technology-driving services are assisting many insurance companies with extensive data to work from. We have provided a summary and review of just a few competitive bundles that they have available and how they assist insurance companies.

The Quick Bundle

If your vehicle is kidnapped or stolen, you will be able to recover it in its entirety as it is a basic level of service geared toward car owners who want to have their vehicle retrieved if it is ever hijacked or stolen. Without the bells and whistles of services such as Recovery Warranty and Internet Tracking, among others, The Quick will provide you with the full profit offered by a car recovery package. 

The Double Defense Package

  • Complete health restoration 
  • Website monitoring 
  • Interference notifications 

Thanks to the comprehensive recovery service, you will be protected against strip warnings, as well as receiving other benefits such as Internet tracking and total tracking, among others. This product will allow for vehicle positioning, as well as alarm notifications if it is discovered that the tracking device installed in the vehicle has been interfered with or tampered with. 

Rapid Plus Package 

  • Website monitoring 
  • Comprehensive recovery 
  • Information about the vehicle’s ignition 
  • Interference warnings 

When you buy this product, you will get full recovery capabilities as well as web tracking. Among these capabilities is the ability to determine whether the vehicle’s ignition has been turned off or on. You will be able to track all of your vehicles online and get reports that can report on the ignition status at any time. You will also be able to access reports online. 

The Rapid Warning Offer 

  • Early theft attempt warnings
  • Web tracking 
  • Interference warnings 
  • Complete recovery 
  • Information about the vehicle’s ignition system 

In this case, you will receive the same benefits as the Quick Plus product, but you will also receive the benefit of an early theft warning mechanism. The driver must ensure that the device is deactivated every time the ignition is turned on. If the driver does not disable the device, the Cartrack Control Room will receive a signal indicating that the vehicle is being driven by an unauthorised driver. This signal indicates that the device has not been deactivated by the driver. 

Executive Plus Package 

  • Cutting-edge unit 
  • Complete recovery 
  • Web tracking 
  • Ignition reports 
  • Interference reports 
  • Guaranteed recovery 
  • Advanced installation techniques 

This is the most advanced recovery device available, and it should only be used on high-risk vehicles. You will not be charged any additional fees to obtain the well-known Recovery Guarantee. 

This ultra-exclusive team for recovering stolen automobiles works mostly with high-risk vehicles. Furthermore, it provides enhanced capabilities for fleet observation. Because your vehicle is outfitted with a handy ignition sensor, you will be notified whenever there is an issue with the ignition. Cartrack’s Control Room will be notified if the ignition is tampered with in any way by using a unit tamper notice feature. When it comes to installing this device in your vehicle, we will only use cutting-edge techniques. 

Trailer Tracking 

  • Complete health restoration
  • Web-based tracking 
  • Designed specifically for the transportation and logistics industries 

This recovery unit was designed specifically for trailers used in a variety of industries, including logistics and transportation. To function properly, this item requires several complex power supply methods and installation procedures. 

Product Packages for Fleet Management 

The Fleet Management Plus

  • An Internet-based system that does not require any specialised software 
  • Accurate GPS location 
  • ‘No-go’ areas 
  • Intelligence for supervision as well as real-time notifications
  • SARS-focused logbook for drivers
  • Real-time monitoring of driver behaviour and trips
  • Monitoring of driver fuel usage
  • Driver identification tags
  • Recovery of stolen vehicles with full recovery warranties

For your convenience, this solution combines all of the most useful aspects of the stolen vehicle recovery system as well as a powerful GPS module into a single package. You will receive comprehensive fleet management information as well as up-to-date reports as a result of this highly effective collaboration. 

The fleet manager can use this comprehensive internet-based solution to increase the output of the fleet. As a result, you will see a reduction in your operating expenses and overall costs. It combines the best features of the stolen car recovery module with an extremely powerful GPS module that can manage all of the data required for all fleet administration data dispensations. This enables it to track and recover stolen vehicles more. 

When you use the widely used Fleet Management module, you will receive comprehensive information and reporting on driver and vehicle behaviour. You can monitor several aspects of your vehicle’s operation, such as movement detection, the amount of unnecessary idling, and notifications about excessive braking, cornering, and accelerating. You will also be notified if any of your drivers exceed the speed limits set during their shifts. 

Furthermore, the GPS positioning module will allow you to pinpoint the exact location of the fleet. This can be used in conjunction with route histories on comprehensive multi-layered and street-level mapping. If you export the management reports to an Excel file, you will also be able to view odometer reports for each of your fleet vehicles. It is possible to evaluate and improve driver efficiency by recreating previously travelled routes. 

Fleet Management Basic 

  • Internet-based system that does not require the use of specialised software
  • Accurate GPS positioning
  • Real-time notifications and report management 
  • SARS-specific logbooks for drivers to use 
  • Monitoring of the driver’s behaviour and trips in real time
  • Monitoring of the driver’s fuel consumption
  • Identification tags for the drivers 
  • Internet access to real-time reports
  • Cutting-edge installation techniques for any high-risk automotive 

Fleet managers who do not require stolen vehicle recovery solutions will find that the Fleet Management Basic unit is ideal for their needs. You are entitled to the entire profit generated by the Plus unit bar and the stolen automobile recovery packages. As a result, you can be confident that your fleet will operate at a much higher level of efficiency. 

Mobile Fleet Management 

  • Portable unit 
  • An Internet-based system with no additional software requirements 
  • Accurate GPS positioning 
  • Real-time notifications and report management 
  • SARS-specific driver logbooks 
  • Real-time monitoring of the driver’s travel patterns and behaviours 

Managers who require fleet management reports will benefit from this unit because it perfectly meets their requirements. It is simple to transfer the item from one vehicle to another because it is plugged directly into the cigarette lighter. Furthermore, the item is easily transportable. You will receive all of the benefits except the stolen vehicle recovery module and the monitoring of excessive acceleration, braking, and turning because the Plus package includes all of the features. 

The Communicator 

This module was created in response to a request from the organisation’s management for an immediate means of communicating with mobile employees. This will aid in task management and ensure that communication is maintained at all times. There are numerous benefits to fleet management. The GPS in conjunction with the GSM network is used to carry out all messaging. 

Cartrack’s Communicator module has evolved to become one of the most sought-after messaging devices available. This device allows you to easily contact any member of your team. You can take on or delegate responsibilities to personnel, and you can easily manage communications. This module will also assist you in saving money while ensuring that the driver adheres to his or her route and it will accomplish both of these tasks while ensuring that the driver stays on course. 

You won’t even have to leave your office to effectively supervise the drivers; everything will be done from there. Furthermore, no specialised software is required to be installed on your computer. The Cartrack Communicator is all you need to navigate and communicate with your personnel in real-time. To get started, simply connect the Communicator to the cigarette lighter in your car, and everything else will be taken care of automatically. 

How The Application of Telematics Will Assist Insurance Companies

The insurance industry must consistently manage the risks posed by its customers to reduce the likelihood of incurring loss ratios while also maximising premium value. By utilising cutting-edge telematics technology, the insurer can now observe the driver’s habits and behaviours. With this information, the insurer can compile statistics to create an accurate profile of its customers’ driving habits. 

The insurance company will be able to build a module that will allow it to evaluate a driver based on several important driving behaviours. These will include aspects such as driving in high-risk areas, the number of kilometres driven in a month, and the amount of time spent en route. They will also be able to determine whether the driver frequently speeds, makes sharp turns, or applies excessive braking force and in the event of an accident, the insurance company will be able to draw certain conclusions based on the conditions both before and after the incident. 

Following that, the insurer will be able to calculate the amount of the insurance premium based on risk assessments derived from the driver’s actions and routines. They will also be able to provide a service that is far more tailored to their customer’s specific needs. This is feasible while also lowering the potential costs of claim payouts and improving the customer’s overall safety.